How to Save Water

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If you are looking for answers on how to save water, turn to our team to get the reliable solutions you need.

Water is one of the essential needs of all life, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean you can get it for free. If you have had to deal with multiple high water bills in a row, you may be looking for information on how to save water. While there are many tips out there that could make a difference in your utility bill if you followed them rigorously, we at Water Management Systems, Inc. offer a more convenient solution. Our patented WaterSwitch® technology will monitor your system and protect you from losing water via leaks.

Although you might linger in the shower from time to time, the bulk of the water loss in your home is almost certainly passive–experts estimate that the average American home wastes as many as 10,000 gallons of water per year through passive means. The WaterSwitch® technology that we offer here at Water Management Systems, Inc. will protect you from this type of passive loss, and is therefore the perfect answer to the question of how to save water. This technology uses sensors to detect when you are actively using water vs. when water is simply leaking out, and will only open your main water valve when it detects purposeful use. With your main valve closed most of the time, you’ll start seeing a difference in your water usage right away.

We at Water Management Systems, Inc. are proud to serve the Wilkesboro, North Carolina community, and we want to help you use water as efficiently as possible. When you need ideas on how to save water, just give us a call.