Water Conservation Tips, Wilkesboro, NC

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Water Conservation Tips

Save water, save money, and save the environment.

You’re probably good about trying to save water at home – you don’t leave the sink running when you brush your teeth, you only run the dishwasher when it’s full, etc. But there are other water conservation tips out there that can help you save even more water. At Water Management Systems, Inc., here are a few of our top water conservation tips for saving water in your Wilkesboro, North Carolina home:


  • Wait until you have full loads of clothes to run your washer.
  • Consider switching out your current shower head for a low-flow model.
  • Look for leaks throughout your home. Fix them yourself if they’re minor or have a plumber come in and help if you have major leakage issues.
  • Turn off your lawn’s irrigation system during rainy periods.
  • Pay attention to your home’s water usage throughout the year. If something seems off, investigate your sudden increase in water usage.
  • Save up for low-flow toilets and install them throughout your home.
Water Conservation Tips

Water Conservation Tips

Of course, we couldn’t talk about water conservation tips without mentioning the WaterSwitch®. This incredible product protects your home from water damage by alerting you to leaks in real-time. When installed in your home, this water-saving device helps you cut back on water usage while saving you money and helping out the environment.


We know you probably have questions about the WaterSwitch® and how it works. We’re happy to answer them and give you more information, so give us a call today to learn more!

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